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Comprehensive plan that’s designed to boost the confidence of career-seekers and ultimately place them in their ideal professions.

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Dear Reader,

We know that even though you've graduated college, it doesn't mean you know what you want to do with the rest of your life, and the job position you take after graduation may not contribute to your long-term success. Instead of simply taking a job, you want to launch a career--one that's satisfying, invigorating, and financially rewarding.

We wrote this book because we want to help you!

Whether you're launching or re-launching, still in college or a few years out, Launchers will help you get to the career you were meant to pursue.


Dr. Litz and Codie


How The Book is Organized


Creating your career launch plan


What you bring to the table


Your core competencies


Success in the workplace





Launching your career is the last thing you want to leave to chance. Litzenberg and Wright offer insightful tips to make for a successful launch!
— Ken Bullock, attorney, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, PC
Dr. Litz and Codie’s approach is highly focused on the practical, and it delivers results. Many of our top salespeople are alumni of his program. I’m really happy they are sharing these important ideas to a broader audience through this book. I’m a huge fan.
— Mark E. Jones, chairman and CEO of Goosehead Insurance
It has been a pleasure to witness firsthand how the partnership of Dr. Litzenberg and Codie Wright is preparing their students to proactively position themselves to have options. The world does not owe you a thing, and upon graduation, you will either take control of your destiny or feel the vice of the world squeeze in on you. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Litzenberg and Codie Wright are arming their students with the tools necessary to take control of their future.
— Trent Bishop, vice president of Sales Lone Star Citrus
It is so exciting to know that Dr. Litz and Codie have found another avenue to share their love and passion for teaching others. I personally am humbled to watch the
transformation of these students under their guidance. It is a must-read not only for individuals just starting their career but also for professionals like myself who have
been in sales for years.
— Gary Armer, Jr., president of Erne Fittings USA, Inc.
A huge factor in someone’s early success is the mindset they bring to their career. Dr. Litz and Codie have years of experience mentoring students to develop the right mindsets and skills they need to launch their careers. Our company has personally benefited from hiring these young professionals, and I am incredibly excited for these ideas to reach a wider audience through this book.
— Brian Pattillo, managing director of Goosehead Insurance
Dr. Litz and Codie have been so engaging with me and other industry leaders to bring real world experience into the classroom. Students learning best practices and receiving performance feedback from experts in varying vertical markets gives them an exceptional advantage heading into the workforce.
— Christie Barber, director of sales for Dell

About the Authors

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Dr. Kerry Litzenberg

Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence and Regents Professor at Texas A&M. In forty years of teaching at the university, “Dr. Litz” has had over 13,000 students in his classes, helping thousands of students identify their skills and the criteria to use when launching their careers.


Codie Wright

Assistant Director of the Weston AgriFood Sales Program at Texas A&M University, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Assessment instructor, and a Giant 5 Voices Consultant. The combined experiences and perspectives of Litzenberg and Wright - a baby boomer and a millennial - enables them to speak knowledgeably about the specific challenges of entering the workforce today.



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